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A lot More New Features with this Android casing.

Écrit par 7 mai 2015

Google will be soon launching a new Satellite named after Skrillex, their new Android casing.  It is said that the main purpose for this is to improve the services provided with Android phone.   I will have to do some further testing on this in order to give you guys a better report, meanwhile this is how it goes;

A new feature with the Skrillex Casing

Google said it's miles launching a sequence of innovative collaborations on the way to broaden restricted-edition instances for Android phones. The series is referred to as editions, and it has kicked off with the musician Skrillex. He made three instances - each referred to as The Skrillex stay Case - primarily based upon his "lifelong fascination with space".


The Skrillex live Case not simplest dresses your Android smartphone in Skrillex paintings, but it also connects and serves up Skrillex content and an associate stay wallpaper that extends the case design onto the display. The wallpaper also updates all through the day to display pictures of Earth shot from the stratosphere.


And at midnight, the wallpaper changes to show constellations visible out of your modern place. The case pulls some of these pix from a custom balloon satellite television for pc named after Skrillex’s dog, Nanou. you may watch the video documentary under to peer Skrillex launch his satellite television for pc from the Nevada barren region.


Enter versions, a sequence of creative collaborations to broaden restrained-edition instances for Android phones.  Yes as I would say we're kicking off the collection with Award-triumphing manufacturers, Skrillex, who has created three particular designs stimulated with the aid of his lifelong fascination with area.


The Skrillex live Case connects to your Android Phone to carry you VIP access to Skrillex content and accomplish live wallpaper that extends its design onto the display screen.


Wait, this sounds like something a touch more concerned than only a case.  Seemingly, Skrillex made a custom .jpg report only for me, his no. 1 fan, to position on the house display screen of the Android cellphone I do not have. How considerate of him! 


Do tell me more approximately Skrillex's lifelong fascination with area, although. I don't care lots approximately this phone case/wallpaper combination, but i would love to recognize extra about matters Skrillex likes.

Skrillex new casings for Android Phone on Digital Solutions /Technology with

The associate live wallpaper updates over the route of the day displaying beautiful photographs of Earth shot from the stratosphere. At night time, it changes to show constellations visible out of your modern-day region.

Youppido…, it truly is clearly ... pretty cool. it's like having the ISS stay television unique in your smartphone! Too terrible I don't have an Android phone, i'd get this only for funsies. 

To seize the Earth pix, Google and Skrillex released a custom-designed balloon satellite named after Skrillex’s dog, Nanou.


Google released a satellite tv for pc particularly for Skrillex?


And that they named it after his canine? 


There is an object in orbit around our planet right now named after Skrillex's canine?

That is the excellent news I have heard all day. This might be the most crucial information i have heard all day. As soon as something is orbiting round Earth, it will become the most crucial factor in the world strictly thru altitudinal hierarchy. And with most celebrities, I'd don't forget something like this to be a vain exercise in self-deification, but no longer with my buddy Skrillex. He deserves to have a Google satellite named after his canine. He deserves each success that ever involves him.


Here is a video of Skrillex explaining the innovative journey that caused him designing an Android cellphone. Please watch and experience it. The Skrillex live Case is available in confined portions now on the Google save, in three fashions for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6, and Samsung observe four.



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