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FTP Remote Access for all of our Hosting Accounts with Websites Unlimited. 


FTP Remote Access for all of our Hosting Accounts with Websites Unlimited. 


There are three primary methods for uploading content for your website from your computer to the Websites Unlimited hosting space:

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Programs

FTP is the most popular way to publish files to the web. An FTP program creates a link that allows you to copy website files from your computer to a Websites-Unlimited server. Websites-Unlimited supports a number of FTP programs, many of which are available free of charge.

Built-in File Transfer Feature of Your Web Design Program

Most web-building software, including Websites-Unlimited Website Builder (included with your Websites-Unlimited hosting plan), Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and iWeb include FTP programs to help you publish your site.

cPanel File Manager

You may log in to your cPanel and upload your web files directly from the File Manager (under the “Files” icon).


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