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Our Company & Co-Founder's Experience.

The main founder of Websites-Unlimited has more than 25 years in the communications business.  All started in 1982 with a production company that was promoting & supplying main stream events, “live performance” and much more of the show business.  With major artists, they were touring coast to coast in Canada.


In the past our co-founder has been touring with many National and International Singers.

By 1987 until 1996, a sub-contract was signed for a major radio broadcaster named “Radio Mutual”.  The experience came on added to the already extensive expertise the company had accomplished until then.

We have state of the art technology for video editing

 About 1992, a new division was created for audio-visual production.  With state of the art equipment they had; editing suits, shooting studios and the whole nine yards as for the technical gear. (Camera, lighting, dolly, crane, assorted lens, switchers…)

Then at about 1996, a marketing division was created for all publicities that the company was creating.  They started promoting and doing the advertising for their production customers.

Then by 1998 an Internet division was added to the company, creating, designing and building websites for their customers.   

By 2000 they kept on adding division like, Sound Production, creating soundtracks and popular radio music for several popular artists and for their own personal Royalty Free Music Bank.

They have been leading major brands like; Rona, CKMF, CCA (Consumers Choice Award), Sony Music, Quebecor, Allied Automotive Group (Atlanta),  Provigo, The Alouettes (Football team), Expos (Baseball Team, Guess Jeans, Montreal Canadian ….

They say when you can produce a film you are now a master of the 7 Art.  This means; sound, 2D graphics, writing up scenarios, acting, directing, producing, and doing their own advertising for their products.

Designing and innovating new ideas for your Business to stand out over the Internet!

With the flame still in his heart, today he leads the new venture of the & CPC Group Marketing & Business Strategy.

Today in the mid 50’s he still thrives and wants to bring it to the next level.

 This is why one of our quotes is; 

 “Working Together to Develop Tomorrow’s Technology” 

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About Websites Unlimited

Websites Unlimited is owned by CPC Group Marketing & Business Strategy. With the extensive digital experience of our team, Your Business will have the immediate gratification to draw attention of your customers. 

CPC Group founded the Websites Unlimited division in September 2011 as a digital division for on-line solutions. Customer Service is what makes our trademark standout on the world markets.

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